Installing ISE / EDK 8.2 on LinuxMint / Ubuntu

Once LinuxMint is installed its time to get down to actually using Linux for day to day tasks, but before I can do that I need to install Xilinx ISE and EDK v9.2. In this post I will detail all the steps required to install it within the LinuxMint environment, so here goes.

First copy the installation DVD to a temp folder and change the files so that they are all executable this is required as on most distributions the setup file isn’t executable. I could have just changed the execution bit for the “setup” file but as this file calls into other scripts in the directory tree it was just easier change the whole tree.

patrickd@patrickd-desktop:~/temp$ cp -R /mnt/cdrom ~/temp/ise

patrickd@patrickd-desktop:~/temp$ chmod -R u+x *

As I typically prefer not to install applications in my home directory, preferring instead to install custom applications (non-distro packaged) under the /opt tree, I need to start the setup script using the sudo command.

patrickd@patrickd-desktop:~/temp$ sudo ./setup

[sudo] password for patrickd:

And finally we have installed ISE as can be seen from the output of in the terminal window where the installation was started from.

************ setup done! ***************

At this stage the ISE environment is installed but before project navigator can be used so environment variables need to be configured fortunately xilinx provides a script to do this.

patrickd@patrickd-desktop:~/temp$ . /opt/xilinx/ise82/
patrickd@patrickd-desktop:~/temp$ ise

In order to make things a little easier I’ve decided to add this script to my .bashrc, to edit the .bashrc script using gedit type the following;

patrickd@patrickd-desktop:~/temp$ gedit ~/.bashrc

and then add this to the bottom of the file

# Added the ISE settings script to the environment
. /opt/xilinx/ise82/

EDK Installation

The procedure for installing the EDK is the same as that outlined above except instead of installing EDK into /opt/xilinx/ise82 the EDK software is installed into /opt/xilinx/edk82. In order to added the correct environment variables for EDK into the environment shell .bashrc should be edited as below,

# Added the EDK settings script to the environment
. /opt/xilinx/edk82/


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